Welcome and thank you for visiting Mariachi Alfaro. Here you can learn a little about
us and the wonderful music we have to offer.

Si usted nos invita a su evento, nosotros tocaremos y cantaremos con el corazon
para que nunca se olviden de el  Mariachi Alfaro de Guadalajara.

Mariachi Alfaro, de Adrian Alfaro a realizado presentasiones en escenarios y eventos
privados desde 1990.

Mariachi Alfaro is made of four to eight musicians depending the size which is
necessary for the event. The purpuse of this is so your party can be the best.

Mariachi Alfaro, vive en los Angeles y puede viajar a cualquier ciudad, para aportar
nuestra musica y su evento sea inolvidable.

Mariachi Alfaro has a wireless sound sistem so you can hear the music we play and
sing even if its a large or small place.

Mariachi Alfaro is available for all occasions, including but no limited to weddings,
masses, birthdays, funerals, serenades restaurants, and anniversaries.
Adrian Alfaro

Cell. (323) 717 4270
Mariachi Alfaro de Guadalajara

Contact us at:

(323) 717 4270